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Parktoren is located at 7-13 Van Heuven Goedhartlaan, at the edge of the luxurious 'Stadshart van Amstelveen' shopping area. Here you will find a diverse range of shops and a large selection of bars and restaurants.

The building is not located in a standard office area but in the well-connected lively centre of Amstelveen, where major brands such as Rabobank, British American Tobacco and Nestlé have settled.

BLVD Cafe (walking distance: 10 min.)
Brasserie Popov (walking distance: 10 min.)
Dixie Amstelveen (walking distance: 8 min.)
Lunchroom Koppen (walking distance: 7 min.)
Sushi & Grill Tanuki (walking distanced: 5 min.)
Kokusai (walking distance: 3 min.)

Cobra Museum (walking distance: 11 min.)
P60 (walking distance: 8 min.)
Bibliotheek Amstelveen (walking distance: 8 min.)

HealthCity (on bicycle: 4 min.)
Tennis en Hockeyc Club Hurley (on bicycle: 11 min.)
Water Sportvereniging Amstelveen (walking distance: 9 min.)

Stadstuinen (walking distance: 2 min.)
Amsterdamse Bos (on bicycle: 17 min.)
Broersepark (on bicycle: 8 min.)

Holiday Inn (just steps away)
Htel Serviced Apartments (by car: 5 min.)
Station Amstelveen (on bicylce: 8 min.)
Steigenberger Airport Hotel (by car: 10 min.)